Black Shark New Cooling Back Clip Straight Down 30℃ Temperature

Black Shark New Cooling Back Clip

Black Shark New Cooling Back Clip

It’s a hot summer day right now, and the temperature in individual areas has even been hovering at 40°, so it can be said that every time you go out is a challenge, not to mention playing with your phone.

It is probably in response to this situation that the gaming phone brand Black Shark has brought a new cell phone cooling accessory teaser today, saying:

From the text, this is undoubtedly the new cooling back clip, after all, if the phone itself can directly drop 30° then it is a bit too unbelievable, in the face of the current cell phone market cooling accessories products, if the black shark this new product can cool the phone up to 30°, that is currently the highest level.

The ROG Phone 6 and the RedMagic 7 have been in the gaming phone category, and the Black Shark has not yet moved, but it’s only a matter of time before they do.


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