ROG Phone 6 Design and Specifications Exposed Through MIIT

ROG Phone 6 Design and Specifications

ROG Phone 6 Design and Specifications

Gaming phone brand ROG Phone gave a preview of the new ROG Phone6 at the beginning of this month, saying that the machine will be released on July 5. As the time approaches, ROG Phone 6 design diagram pictures and specifications are entry network document picture also been exposed through MIIT.

From the pictures given appeared on MIIT, the ROG Phone 6 is a continuation of the previous generation of product design points while also adding many new highlights, including the horizontal lens module design looks very recognizable, which is also very popular in the current cell phone market, the irregular design also represents the maverick of the game phone.

In addition to maintaining the color scheme of the previous generations, the machine will also bring a transparent version, from the transparent rear shell can see the layout of the internal components, and bring the characteristics of the gaming phone to a new high.

In addition to the Snapdragon 8+ Gen1 platform, the machine will use a 165Hz ultra-high refresh rate Samsung AMOLED screen on the front, the official has also given a preview, this is also the highest refresh rate screen in mass production phones.

In terms of cooling system upgrades, Asus officially teased that Rog Phone 6 is with a 30 percent larger vapor chamber and an increased 85 percent graphite sheet. Snapdragon 8+ is already cooler than Snapdragon 8 Gen1, and with more cooling materials, Rog Phone 6 will bring notable heat dissipation.

The device will be equipped with 18GB of memory, a built-in 6000mAh dual-cell battery, support 65W fast charging, a rear 64-megapixel triple camera, support for under-screen fingerprint unlock, and body measurements of 172.834 × 77.252 × 10.39mm, and weighs 229g.


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