No Leica Coke Logo on Xiaomi 12 Ultra’s Body; But Camera Watermark Has Big Surprise

No Leica Coke Logo on Xiaomi 12 Ultra's Body

No Leica Coke Logo on Xiaomi 12 Ultra’s Body

Xiaomi and Leica’s cooperation with the first new machine Xiaomi 12 Ultra in the last month has begun to warm up. This time Xiaomi founder Lei Jun also continued to release a lot of news about Leica cameras on its microblogging, so that netizens have more understanding of this century-old imaging brand.

Regarding the appearance of this new camera, there have been many renders online, and the general scheme is a large circular lens module on the rear, along with the iconic small red label of Leica Camera on the upper or lower/upper right corner, but according to a Digital Chat Station’s new report, the Xiaomi 12 Ultra will not have Leica’s Coke logo on the body, which is in contrast to his previous report.

No Leica Coke Logo on Xiaomi 12 Ultra's Body

The Leica Coke logo is exclusive to Leica’s free brand and will only appear on the Leica, Xiaomi 12 Ultra is a product of Xiaomi, and although it is a strategic partnership with Leica, it is impossible to have the Coke logo on the body.

Leica brand management is very strict, and the history of co-branding has always been so. Finally, a little news for you, Xiaomi’s new camera will have a surprise on the watermark this time, a big surprise.

In fact, about the rear lens to join the Coke mark this thing, people just expect too much, think about after all, before Xiaomi heavy as Huawei, but also failed to Leica’s small red label printed on their phones, so this time Xiaomi should also just add the word Leica on the rear lens.

Xiaomi 12 Ultra will be released next month, yesterday blogger Digital Chat Station gave a general release time and said it is scheduled in early July, we can look forward to it.


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