More Details of Xiaomi 13 Pro Surfaces Online

More Details of Xiaomi 13 Pro

More Details of Xiaomi 13 Pro

It can now be determined that Xiaomi’s previously announced flagship Xiaomi 12 Ultra, will debut next month, in addition to upgrading Snapdragon 8+ there is a Leica-tuned imaging system. And it is worth mentioning that the 12 series Ultra Cup has not yet been unveiled at the time, more details of Xiaomi 13 Pro has come out.

Today, according to Digital Chat Station breaking news, Xiaomi’s true iteration models (M Series) will use the Snapdragon 8 Gen2 mobile platform (specifications detailed earlier), so it is presumed that this model will most likely belong to the Xiaomi 13 Series.

The new machine’s screen will have a big upgrade, and the rear camera arrangement will be more recognizable. This report specifically belongs to Xiaomi 13 Pro, as an earlier source mentioned different specifications for Xiaomi 13.

According to the report, Xiaomi 13 Pro will be equipped with an ultra-narrow bezel new substrate 2K screen, and the “new substrate” should be Samsung E6 light-emitting material, compared to E5 its blue light rate and light-emitting efficiency will be improved compared to Xiaomi 12 Pro’s E5 material.

Xiaomi 13 Pro will inherit the previous generation of curved screen design using a center single hole design for the front camera. And the display is expected to support 12bit color depth with a smoother transition.

More Details of Xiaomi 13 Pro

As for the back, the new machine still uses the upper left corner of the matrix triple camera scheme, respectively, the super large bottom main camera, long-range and wide-angle lens, which is also the current standard for mainstream medium and large cup flagship, but the design of the camera module compared to the 12 series has changed significantly, more recognizable.

In addition, according to the blogger, the new machine’s engineering machine has ceramic and AG glass as two back cover material, but do not rule out the possibility of the subsequent addition of a plain leather version, after all, the Xiaomi 12 series of PU plain leather version is still very popular with consumers.


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