How Fast Is 200w Fast Charging? iQOO 10 Pro Charging Time Unveiled

iQOO 10 Pro Charging Time | How Fast Is 200w Fast Charging

iQOO 10 Pro Charging Time

Fast charging how much power to the end? Or how long is the limit to fill? In recent days rumored iQOO 10 Pro new machine will be equipped with 200W fast charging. So, how fast is 200W fast charging?

According to the report, wired fast charging as well as almost touching the marginal effect, iQOO 10 Pro’s super 100-watt engineering machine measured charging elapsed time in about 12 minutes, and the machine’s battery capacity is not small.

According to iQOO flagship models of battery capacity estimates, iQOO 10 Pro‘s capacity should be about 4800-5000mAh, this capacity is already the current high configuration. 200W fast charging support, the entire machine 0-100% charging elapsed time engineering machine can do 12 minutes.

At the same time, a blogger broke the news that iQOO 10 Pro charging time is expected to charge 70% of the power in 5 minutes, which means that 200W fast charging is expected greatly improved.

Then by the time, the production version should not be too far behind, in this figure. The significance of fast again has not much, because after all, the difference is just a few minutes, the user can get the perception is also very small, only those who do the test will pursue this enhancement.

In addition to 200W fast charging, iQOO 10 Pro will also be equipped with Snapdragon 8+ Gen1 processor, which will likely make the machine the industry’s first new flagship equipped with a 200W fast charging Snapdragon 8+.

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