Xiaomi 13 is Small-screen Snapdragon 8 Gen2 Flagship

Xiaomi 13 is Small-screen Flagship Exposure

Xiaomi 13 is Small-screen Flagship Exposure

Does the market need a small-screen flagship or not? This question from the iPhone 12 and 13 Mini sales seems to verify is a negative answer. But the platform is different and has a different configuration, Android phones if you do a stack of material are very full of small screen flagship, it seems that there is still a market.

According to the burst of information brought by microbloggers, following the Xiaomi 12, Xiaomi will also bring two fully loaded configurations of small-screen flagship phones.

One of which is equipped with a Snapdragon 8+ processor, belonging to the Xiaomi 12 series of upgrades, is expected to be named Xiaomi 12S. The other one is equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen2 (SM8550) processor, named, naturally, to the Xiaomi 13.

(In picture: Xiaomi 12)

In other words, whether it is the second half of the Snapdragon 8+ small upgrade or the second generation Snapdragon 8 big replacement at the end of the year, Xiaomi will continue to launch small screen flagships to meet the needs of the market in many ways.

According to the source, the Xiaomi 13 development progress is fast and may debut at the end of this year. This time Xiaomi 13 series may be like Xiaomi 12 series, released together with the standard version and Pro version of the two models.

At present, the design of the Xiaomi 13 is the same as the 2K large-screen version Xiaomi 13 Pro. The screen design and lens arrangement are no different. The secondary camera looks smaller, according to the Digital Chat Station.


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