A New Flagship From Honor will Surpass P Series

Exposure of New Flagship From Honor

Exposure of New Flagship From Honor

July-August-September will be months for the launch of a large number of high-end flagship phones. Xiaomi 12 Ultra, Mix Fold2, Huawei Mate50 Series, iPhone 14 Series, and Samsung’s foldable will be released one after another. The whole July-August-September feels a bit like a technology festival as lively, and all are strong products.

Now, the latest report comes out from trusted sources saying that there is a new flagship from Honor scheduled to be launched in August with Snapdragon 8+ Gen1. It is said that Honor has prepared a whole bunch of new technologies in the hardware and software section.

This new flagship from Honor will focus on a high-end imaging system, this series is more focused on balance, in all aspects of the stack of material sufficient, especially the camera. The source claims that the motive behind this is to surpass Huawei’s P series.

Last year’s Honor Magic 3 series took the lead in the cell phone camera invoked the “multi-primary fusion computing photography” technology. Through the combination of AI and a full focal length camera, breaking through the bottleneck of cell phone images.

(Honor Magic 4 Ultimate)

This year, the Honor Magic 4 Ultimate Edition not only inherited the previous generation of “multiple main camera fusion computational photography” technology but also for the first time equipped with a 50-megapixel spectral enhancement camera, that can shoot the visible light outside the information, to play a supplementary enhancement of computational photography, can bring a higher dynamic range and more picture information.

Based on this, the two generations of the Magic series also saw the Honor in the phone photography to make a test, as well as to the determination of the imaging system to power.

Therefore, as a new generation of imaging flagship, not only should have high specification camera CMOS and powerful software algorithm optimization but also has independent technological innovation.


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