Xiaomi 12 Ultra Charger Power Lowered Than 12S Pro

Xiaomi 12 Ultra Charger Power

Xiaomi 12 Ultra Charger Power

Xiaomi will release a new flagship product in July, and Leica cooperation, the main image capabilities, multiple sources said that the corresponding is Xiaomi 12 Ultra.

Recently, the new Xiaomi model 2203121C passed through the 3C certification, the model is believed to be Xiaomi 12 Ultra, that is, the internal code L1 model.

But what is very surprising is that the entry information shows that the device is equipped with a maximum power of 67W charger, meaning that perhaps it does not support the 120W wired fast charging rumored on the net.

To know the current Xiaomi series of thousand yuan machines are used on a hundred watts of fast charging, such as the flagship Xiaomi 12 Ultra is not even some regret. It is said that the machine has 120W fast charging when the project started but eventually chose 67W.

The specific reason is temporarily unknown, is expected to control the weight of the body and trade-offs, and now only 3C certification of the charger information, the specific to the actual official announcement shall prevail.

In addition, the Xiaomi 12S series is also 3C certified, of which Xiaomi 12S is equipped with a 67W charger, Xiaomi 12S Pro with Dimensity 9000 is equipped with a 67W charger, 12S Pro Snapdragon 8+ version with 120W charger, and Mix Fold2 is with 67W charger.

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