Xiaomi Youpin platform listed Xiaomi 12 Ultra Back Cover

Xiaomi 12 Ultra Back Cover

Xiaomi 12 Ultra Back Cover

News about the upcoming Leica branded Xiaomi 12 Ultra is gradually frequent, no surprise, the machine will be released in July. Today, Xiaomi’s Youpin platform listed a suspected Xiaomi 12 Ultra back cover, the back camera module, and the online rumor rendering similar.

The Xiaomi Youpin platform is now available for the Xiaomi 12 Ultra back cover while the product information of the case is also marked with the model number Xiaomi 12 Ultra and the weight of the case is 45.4 grams.

As shown in the picture, the camera module is based on a square with a circular overlay, and the lens is distributed within a circle, which appears to have a square periscopic telephoto lens.

The latest revelations say that the Xiaomi 12 Ultra has three cameras on the rear, namely a mega-bottom main camera, ultra-wide-angle, and periscopic telephoto, and is expected to support OIS optical stabilization while adding Leica imaging algorithms.

However, it should be noted that this phone case belongs to a third party production, shelves Xiaomi Youpin is not officially drawn but provided by the business, and after-sales service is also provided by three parties, so it is not possible to hammer whether such a shape.


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