Xiaomi 12s Series and Mix Fold2 3C Certified Revealing Charging Power

Xiaomi 12s Series and Mix Fold2 3C Certified

Xiaomi 12s Series and Mix Fold2 3C Certified

Recently, there is news that the new Xiaomi 12s Pro is in the network, which is a small iteration of the previous Xiaomi 12 Pro version. The Xiaomi 12s Pro may exist in two versions, the overall design configuration is inherited from the previous program, but both upgraded the latest flagship chip, one is Snapdragon 8+, and one is Dimensity 9000.

After the news came to light, many netizens are looking forward to a small screen flagship Xiaomi 12 can also appear as a small iteration of the improved version, and now it’s here. The digital station reported that Xiaomi 12s and Mix Fold2 3C certified.

The model 22061218C (L18), 2206123SC (L3s) Xiaomi 5G digital cell phone through the 3C certification, with the model number MDY-12-EF charger, both support up to 67W charging power.

The 3C certification shows that the applicant and manufacturer of these two Xiaomi 5G cell phones are Xiaomi Communication Technology Co Ltd, and the manufacturing plants include Xiaomi Communication Technology Co Ltd and Xi’an BYD Electronics Co Ltd.

According to the Digital Chat Station, L3S (2206123SC) is Xiaomi’s small screen flagship which is temporarily known as Xiaomi 12s, and L18 (22061218C) is the real iteration of the Xiaomi folding screen – Xiaomi Mix Fold2.

Xiaomi 12s Pro 3c Certification

Previously, the Xiaomi 5G phone with model number 2207122MC (code name L2M) passed the 3C certification, also equipped with the charger model number MDY-12-EF, produced by Lanshi Technology (Xiangtan) Co. According to previous reports, 2207122MC is the Xiaomi 12S Pro model with Dimensity 9000.


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