May Android Phone Performance List: Dimensity 8000 Series Rule Sub-flagship

May Android Phone Performance List

May Android Phone Performance List

Recently, AnTuTu released the entire May Android phone performance list following the usual practice and this time the sub-flagship list is very bright.

According to the chart, MediaTek’s Dimensity 8000 and Dimensity 8100 chipset almost completely slaughtered the list, occupying the first eight seats in the top ten, completing a complete comeback battle, and the balance of performance and power consumption is excellent.

May Android phone performance list is still the same, after adjusting and optimizing, the performance list is divided into the flagship, sub-flagship, and mid-range three intervals, to carry the processor positioning shall prevail, first look at the flagship phone.

May Android Phone Performance List: Flagship

The first ranking is the Black Shark 5 Pro, with an average score of 1048179, the second is the RedMagic 7 Pro off-screen version, with an average score of 1032445, and the third is the Legion Y90 gaming phone, with an average score of 1020942, yes the top three are game phones.

All three have their strengths, the Black Shark 5 Pro is under SSD + UFS 3.1 solution, which greatly improves the phone’s storage capacity, so MEM scores are far ahead of conventional models, while the RedMagic 7 Pro takes advantage of active air cooling, with a small built-in custom fan that runs automatically when the game is turned on, which is more efficient than passive cooling, so the CPU/GPU maintains a high frequency for a longer period. In exchange for long-lasting performance.

The Y90 is a combination of the Black Shark and Redmagic’s two programs, both SSD + UFS 3.1 combination (only 640GB top version), and active air cooling, combining the strengths of both, the list is not the top, not SSD + UFS 3.1 combination, but thanks to air cooling, the machine’s GPU performance ahead of conventional cell phones, and other gaming phones are not too far away.

The reason why AnTuTu put it together is to talk about the performance of conventional cell phones, after all, the largest shipments and the widest audience is still the conventional flagship, the fourth place is equipped with the Dimensity 9000 Vivo X80, the average score of 1013845, to talk in detail.

May Android Phone Performance List: Sub-flagship

Then look at the sub-flagship performance list, Snapdragon 870, Dimensity 8100/8000, Dimensity 1200, and other processors are classified as sub-flagships.

Sub-flagship ranked first in the model is Vivo S15 Pro, with an average score of 814995, the machine is equipped with the Dimensity 8100 processor. Compared to the sub-achievement, the same configuration models are not very different, mention the score is MEM results, the machine is equipped with LPDDR5 enhanced memory, quad-channel 6400 Mbps, higher rate, as well as UFS 3.1 flash memory enhanced version. Combined with this, it makes the machine’s MEM score the highest in the top ten models.

The second and third places are Realme GT Neo3 and Redmi Note 11T Pro+ respectively, with average scores of 809,706 and 808,642 in that order. Checking the sub-scores shows that they are the same, which means that the absolute performance of the two models is not different based on the current system version.

It should also be noted that some models are equipped with the Dimensity 8100-Max, which seems to be a bit more powerful, but the AI capability has been improved and the image performance in a dark light environment has been enhanced and optimized, and the performance is not greatly improved.

May Android Phone Performance List: Mid-range

Finally, the mid-range phone performance list, with Snapdragon 7 series and Dimensity 900 series as the watershed.

The mid-range cell phone performance list has not changed much, most of the new machines are more inclined to higher performance, set of cheap Dimensity 8000 series, coupled with the mid-range processor updates slowed down, so few cell phone manufacturers released mid-range models, this range is occupied by Qualcomm, the top ten rankings are equipped with Snapdragon 778G/Plus processor.


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