Vivo 200W Charging Will be Featured on New Flagship

Vivo 200W Charging Exposure

Vivo 200W Charging Exposure

The smartphone industry’s current maximum charging power is Realme’s 150W, popular a little is in about 60W, high-power fast charging, for the time being, can not effectively enhance the battery capacity is the only way, then, charging power this number will continue to increase?

The answer is yes, today, the blogger Digital Chat Station said: “Previously said that Vivo is engaged in super 100-watt flash charging, a new flagship with a new charging head support 20V/10A, up to 200W fast charging protocol, the phone nominal power is also very fierce. Then the whole line is backward compatible with 120W, 80W, 66W, etc.

Vivo 200W Charging Exposure

Vivo including sub-brand iQOO under the current maximum charging power support is 120W, the year is in iQOO5 Pro the new machine debut, and at that time its battery capacity is only 4000mAh. Now see, is very stretched, after this upgrade to 200W, not only be compatible with other fast charging protocols of their phones, in the battery capacity will also be improved. At least it should be more than 4500mAh to meet daily needs.

The recent Vivo’s iQOO 9 Pro offers 120W ultra-fast flash charging with a large 4700mAh battery, and comes with a 120W ultra-fast flash mini charger that is compatible with multiple charging protocols.

Right now we have to wait for a new wave of Snapdragon 8+ processor flagship war, Vivo, and iQOO iterations of the flagship, whether the performance of the upgrade at the same time also pulls the fast charging to a new height? We look forward to it together.


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