TCL Announced In-Cell HVA Touch Technology

TCL In-Cell HVA Touch Technology

TCL In-Cell HVA Touch Technology

With the rapid advancement of modern intelligent terminal devices, screen touch technology has developed to a more complete stage, the current touch technology can be divided into three main categories, including In-Cell, On-Cell, and Out Cell (external). Although the traditional external type is a more mature development but increased the thickness of the whole machine.

On-Cell is the touch integrated with the screen, the touch layer is generally located on the outer surface of the substrate or the inner surface, generally needs a separate touch IC, and the touch accuracy is not good.

As one of the most rapidly developing mainstream touch technology in recent years, In-Cell technology by embedding the touch panel function into the LCD pixels, making the LCD screen can sense the touch input of the traditional touch panel, and also has the most smooth integrated touch experience.

TCL China Star announced the first to develop In-Cell HVA touch technology, with integrated touch technology and low cost, high accuracy, wet hands touch available, and a series of excellent advantages.

TCL In-Cell HVA Touch Technology

In-Cell HVA Touch technology is a new solution for integrated touch on HVA screens. The touch sensor is completely built into the cell, the lightweight and simple module brings better touch performance, and the LTDI (Large Touch Display Integration) chip integrates display and touch to achieve low power consumption and a high-reliability touch display.

The technology can be applied to Notebook/MNT/TV/CID in different fields, TCL Huaxing’s HVA In-Cell touch technology does not require new processes, is fully compatible with the existing architecture, and can be widely expanded to a variety of display platforms.


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