Samsung Demonstrates 200MP ISOCELL HP1 By Printing Tremendous Cat’s Billboard

Samsung Demonstrates 200MP ISOCELL HP1

Samsung Demonstrates 200MP ISOCELL HP1

Recently, Samsung showed a giant advertisement for a 200MP ISOCELL HP1 sensor outdoor. The sensor has been released last year, but so far no cell phone has been adopted. It has been officially announced that will debut 200 million pixel manufacturer is Lenovo’s Motorola, the new machine will debut in July.

Samsung Demonstrates 200MP ISOCELL HP1

This ad is a giant cat photo. The official said the photo was captured with a 200MP sensor for a smartphone and printed out. It can be said that with the support of ultra-high definition pixels, even if the photo is enlarged to such an extent, the details of the display are also very clear. This is also one of the characteristics of the high pixel sensor.

The new Samsung video aims to show off the photo detail that the 200-megapixel camera sensor can provide, and since there are no phones with the sensor yet, Samsung attached the sensor to a prototype phone and used a giant lens to take a picture of a cat.


The sensor, model ISOCELL HP1, measures 1/1.22 inches with 0.64μm per pixel and uses ISOCELL 3.0 technology to obtain sharper details when shooting. And it supports the new ChameleonCell technology that allows 4-in-1 or 16-in-1 pixel merging depending on the scene, allowing for 2.56μm, 12.5MP, or 1.28μm 50MP still photos.

In addition to Motorola, Xiaomi’s new machine is also expected to carry the sensor, which means that starting from the second half of this year, cell phone photography will enter the era of 200 megapixels.

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