Display Design of the iPhone 14 Pro Leaked Through Official Apple Pay Ad Video

Display Design of the iPhone 14 Pro Leaked

Display Design of the iPhone 14 Pro Leaked

Industry sources say that Apple’s fall launch is expected to be scheduled for Tuesday, September 12, where the biggest protagonist is the iPhone 14 Series.

Earlier this year it was revealed that Apple intends to change the display cut-out design to a pill + punch-hole design. Since the iPhone X has been used the bangs screen finally changed, so far it has been nearly 5 years.

And the iPhone 14 Pro screen hole and the existing different, because to retain the Face ID dot matrix module and infrared lens, so there are two openings, corresponding to Face ID components and front camera, Apple will design this way?

Recently, the Internet has circulated a section of what is claimed to be the official Apple Pay advertisement, which surprisingly appears with a hole-digging display design of the iPhone 14 Pro model. The phone silhouette and the current rendering are the same.

iPhone 14 Series Display Specifications And Chipsets

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