Xiaomi 13 Series Launch Schedule and Specifications Tipped Earlier

Xiaomi 13 Series Launch Schedule

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Xiaomi 13 Series Launch Schedule

According to current rumors and an official announcement about the Snapdragon 8 Plus powered phone, Xiaomi’s camera flagship of the year – Xiaomi 12 Ultra will release in July. After that or at the same time, Xiaomi is expected to release Xiaomi 12S and 12S Pro models.

In addition to this new launch, Xiaomi will start preparing Xiaomi 13 Series launch schedule. After unveiling Snapdragon 8 Gen2 schedule, Digital Chat Station in the comment section on the Weibo post said that at the end of the year, the Xiaomi 13 Standard Edition and Xiaomi 13 Pro will be released first, and then the Xiaomi 13 Ultra will be released two months later.

As the Snapdragon 8 Gen1 first-tier flagship, Xiaomi 12 series performance, photography, screen, and other aspects are very good, the Pro version is also equipped with a 2K LTPO screen. But from the latest news, Xiaomi 12 Series may soon be “obsolete”, because equipped with Snapdragon 8 Gen2 chips Xiaomi 13 Series is already on the way.

According to the Digital Chat Station’s report, “the next generation currently has three flagships in the test, this time is to see two files suffix SM8550 2K large-screen version, centered single hole upper and lower bezel closed very narrow, R corner feels slightly stiffer than the previous generation, the panel looks good screen-to-body ratio.

The model in this news is considered highly probable to be Xiaomi 13 Series, which will still maintain three specifications and is expected to be similar to the Xiaomi 12 Series planning. The difference is that this time there are two models is supported a 2K high-resolution screen, the standard version can also use a clearer and more detailed screen.

In the meantime, Xiaomiui from the IMEI database found traces of Xiaomi 13 Series models. The IMEI database shows that the Xiaomi 13 Chinese version model number is 221113C, the Xiaomi 13 Pro national version model number is 2210132C; the Xiaomi 13 international version model number is 2211133G, and the Xiaomi 13 Pro international version model number is 2210132G.

Xiaomiui guesses that the Xiaomi 13 series model number may suggest that the new machine will be launched earlier, perhaps in November this year. For comparison, the Xiaomi 12 series was released in December last year.

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