Xiaomi Band 7 Debut With Larger Display and 120 Sports Mode

Xiaomi Band 7 Official Now

Xiaomi Band 7 Official Now

In addition to Redmi’s new phones and wireless headphones, Xiaomi side also launched a new wearable product – Xiaomi Band 7. This new band includes standard edition and NFC edition priced at 249 yuan (1s sale price 239 yuan) and 299 yuan (1sr sale price 279 yuan) respectively.

Xiaomi Band 7 Introduction

The screen, based on the retina screen of Xiaomi Band 6, and Xiaomi Band 7 has been upgraded with a 1.62-inch AMOLED display this time, with a 25% increase in the viewing area. Look at the time, look at the weather, look at heart rate, blood oxygen, and sports data, each view, are from now on very different.

Xiaomi Band 7 also supports continuous blood oxygen monitoring throughout the day, with blood oxygen levels below 90% vibration warning. With a full range of sports guidance, I believe that users are more targeted and safer when exercising.

It provides high detection accuracy, low power consumption of health sensors can provide continuous heart rate and blood oxygen detection function, support sleep monitoring, sports management, stress monitoring and other types of health applications, healthy life always guard.

Hardware, Xiaomi Band 7 upgraded the new Dialog 14706 processor, stronger performance, sports mode from 30 to 120 kids, with a new design of the OS system, UI comprehensive upgrade, information display more intuitive, single page information, more beautiful visual.

As for the dial, Xiaomi Band 7 supports 100+ newly designed colorful/dynamic dials and supports AOD off-screen dial display. In terms of the strap, Xiaomi Band 7 also added camouflage, a fluorescent new material strap, and TPU’s new colorful strap.


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