MediaTek Announced Filogic 880 and Filogic 380 Wi-Fi 7 Platforms

MediaTek Filogic 880 and Filogic 380

MediaTek Filogic 880 and Filogic 380

In addition to the new 5G mmWave and 4G smartphone chipset, MediaTek today announced Filogic 880 and Filogic 380 Wi-Fi 7 wireless chips. Respectively, Filogic 880 for internet routers and Filogic 380 for smartphones, tablets, notebooks, etc…

Specifically, Filogic 880 with a 6nm process, integrated quad-core A73 CPU unit, network support for five-band 4×4 MIMO, single-frequency up to 10Gbps, five-band concurrent up to 36Gbps.

Filogic 880 key features

Filogic 380 also uses a 6nm process, also integrated support for Bluetooth 5.3 and low-power audio, network support for tri-band, 2×2 MIMO, rate of up to 6.5Gbps.

Filogic 380 Key features

MediaTek emphasizes that Wi-Fi 7 will achieve the first true replacement of Ethernet wired connections in the history of Wi-Fi. Slightly unfortunately, MediaTek did not give the relevant Wi-Fi 7 chip equipped with routers/smartphones on the market time, the previous reports generally speculate that the fastest until next year.


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