Huawei Nova10 Series May Have Kit Version of 5G

Huawei Nova10 Series with 5G Kit

Huawei Nova10 Series with 5G Kit

Last September, Huawei Nova9 Series was officially released, at the launch, Huawei consumer business cell phone product line president He Gang said that as of now, the number of nova stars has exceeded 190 million.

Recently, sources revealed that Huawei Nova10 Series will be announced in June. The series will bring a kit version of 5G. In addition, there are Huawei tablets will be there, but the specific model is not known at the moment, belongs to the iterative products.

Not long ago, the world’s first cell phone case through eSIM technology to achieve 4G phones in seconds to 5G “5G communication case” was released, the first adapted to Huawei P50 Pro, priced at 799 yuan. It is expected that the blogger’s Nova10 Series “kit version of 5G” will be equipped with this 5G communication case, through the form of external to achieve a 5G network.


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