Snapdragon 8 Plus AnTuTu Benchmark Score Reach 1.18 Million Points

Snapdragon 8 Plus AnTuTu Benchmark Score

Snapdragon 8 Plus AnTuTu Benchmark Score

Last night, Qualcomm officially released the strongest cell phone SoC in its history – Snapdragon 8 Plus. One of the biggest and most talked-about upgrades to the new product is the replacement of the new TSMC 4nm process, a coveted specification that brings lower power consumption, less heat, and a performance experience that is expected to follow.

After the release, the benchmark website also discovered the first Snapdragon 8 Plus AnTuTu benchmark running score, which not only has the most powerful chip but is also equipped with 18GB + 512GB emperor type storage and RAM combination. The final run score reached 1.18 million points, which is the most powerful ever.

But unfortunately, AnTuTu claims that this phone has been deliberately disguised, with the brand and model number being replaced by a number.

In terms of the Snapdragon 8 Plus AnTuTu benchmark, the highest score that AnTuTu has recorded is 1118161, of which the CPU score is 266524, GPU score is 468846, MEM score is 194987, and UX score is 187804.

Both the MEM and UX scores are the same as the current Snapdragon 8 Gen1 platform models with the same configuration, and the CPU and GPU scores are improved by 20-30,000 points.

The first generation of Snapdragon 8 Plus is satisfactory in terms of performance improvement, but in AnTuTu’s opinion, it is worth looking forward to its power consumption and heat performance; in the case of frequency increase, the overall SoC power consumption can still be reduced by 15% (official data), TSMC 4nm process should be a credit, let us look forward to the performance of the final production models.


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