Realme GT2 Master Explorer Edition AnTuTu Benchmarked

Realme GT2 Master Explorer Edition AnTuTu Benchmark

Realme GT2 Master Explorer Edition AnTuTu Benchmark

Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen1 flagship chip has been officially unveiled, and nearly all manufacturers have now announced that they will take the lead, the first batch of Snapdragon 8 Plus chips, and launch relevant flagship phones.

From the point of view of product planning, the Snapdragon 8 Plus phones of each family are the top flagships with top-end positioning, Realme GT2 Master Explorer Edition is one of them.

Following the previous 8 Plus benchmark reveal, Digital Chat Station shared Realme GT2 Master Explorer Edition AnTuTu benchmark running score. The model number is shown as Realme RMX3551.

From the running score, the Realme GT2 Master Explorer Edition engineering machine reached 1,059,554 points. Score is divided into 269475, 437498, 176341, and 176240 respectively for CPU, GPU, MEM, and UX. The blogger stressed that it might be optimized to 1,100,000 subsequently, but the score is not the focus of it, then look at the TSMC version of the actual energy efficiency ratio.

Realme’s Master Explorer Edition is generally handled by the well-known Japanese design master Naoto Fukasawa, each generation can bring some very rare designs on the phone, almost the most special phone in the country, and the appearance of the reputation is very outstanding.

As for the hardware, it is not certain what upgrades the new machine will bring compared to Realme GT2 Pro in addition to Snapdragon 8+. However, the Snapdragon 8+ upgrade itself is sufficient to meet the enhanced performance.

It is expected that the GT2 Master Explorer Edition will continue to strengthen in various aspects, such as 150W fast charging, 2K LTPO curved screen, stronger image specifications, innovative housing materials, etc. It is worth looking forward to.


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