Here is the long-awaited Xiaomi Mi Band 7: First Look and Specs

Xiaomi Mi Band 7

Xiaomi Mi Band 7

In addition to smartphones, Xiaomi has many peripheral products, from TVs, monitors, and small to toothbrushes, batteries, and other related products, but to say that the most acclaimed, Xiaomi Smart Band belongs one of them.

It has been more than a year since the release of the last generation of Xiaomi Band 6, this product will usher in the recent iteration, Xiaomi has officially announced that Xiaomi Mi Band 7 will be released on May 24, and Note 11T at the same time.

The poster shows that the Xiaomi Band 7 continues the design language of the previous generation, the screen looks a little bigger, and the resolution is said to be upgraded to 192×490 for a clearer display. Officially, Xiaomi Band 7 uses a 1.62″ AMOLED display, viewing area increased by 25%.

Furthermore, Zeng Xuezhong said that the upcoming Xiaomi Mi Band 7 has a larger runway-type screen, supports a variety of sports modes, exclusive custom UI and NFC functions, covers 300+ city bus cards and access control simulations, and also supports multi-platform adaptation, and said that “it can be said that Xiaomi Band 7 is the most powerful Xiaomi Band ever”.

Most importantly, the Xiaomi Band 7 is rumored to have increased the AOD rest screen display function, while the battery capacity is increased to 250mAh, but according to the positioning of the smart band, the official AOD seems to be difficult to achieve.

In terms of functionality, the rumor says that Xiaomi Band 7 adds a GPS positioning function and adds an intelligent alarm function that wakes users from light sleep while supporting a power-saving mode that can extend battery life.

Price, according to the Xiaomi Band price, is expected to sell at the same price as the previous generation, positioning the 200 yuan segment, to provide NFC, standard version optional.

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