New Xiaomi 12 Ultra Camera Detail Fully Uncovered

Xiaomi 12 Ultra Camera Detail

Xiaomi 12 Ultra Camera Detail

Most anticipated Xiaomi’s high-end camera flagship Xiaomi 12 Ultra’s information leaked several times, and many of them claimed big camera upgrades. In recent months, we have exposed several protective cases for 12 Ultra, but a recently leaked case reveals something more valuable information.

This new protective case is printed with Xiaomi 12 Ultra camera detail. According to information, the super-large bottom of the Xiaomi 12 Ultra may not be equipped with a large aperture, like the previous generation. It has 50MP f/1.95-f/2.2-f/4.1, 48MP 5X periscope, which is equivalent to 10x (12-120mm) optical change from the wide-angle focal length.

This set of programs’ pure optical variation system is still quite strong. In addition, the protective case shows that the Xiaomi 12 Ultra has a large Oreo lens on the back and the case has seven openings.

As previously revealed information, Xiaomi 12 Ultra has a total of three cameras. The several other openings because the machine has dual anti-shake, and a hidden auxiliary imaging sensor, which makes the protective case have to open many holes, in addition to the three-camera.

In addition, Xiaomi 12 Ultra joins hands with Leica, the Leica imaging algorithm, supports 8K movie master, Leica video filter, support Leica natural color, black and white filter, and so on.

Core configuration, Xiaomi 12 Ultra will use 2K OLED flexible curved screen, the refresh rate may be 120Hz, equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen1 Plus flagship processor.

Xiaomi 12 Ultra will bring new camera capabilities, that is, super large bottom main camera + ultra-wide-angle + periscope telephoto three cameras, at the same time with Leica image algorithm support, Xiaomi 12 Ultra will again dominate the smartphone camera system?

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