Official Teases Realme Cost-effective and High-end Tablet

Realme Cost-effective and High-end Tablet

Realme Cost-effective and High-end Tablet

Recently, Realme also continuously warming up for the upcoming launch of Tablets in the homeland. The official positioning of the tablet product this time is to challenge the strongest king of the tablet in the same price range, which shows that it will be very cost-effective in terms of configuration.

According to the previous summary blast, one of the fronts of this tablet product of Realme is a 2.5K resolution 120Hz refresh rate LCD screen, equipped with Snapdragon 870 chipset, battery capacity of 8360mAh, and will be very cost-effective.

There will also be a high-end version, the main upgrade point is the processor upgraded to the latest SM8475, that is, Qualcomm will be launched on the evening of the 20th – Snapdragon 8 Gen1 Plus.

Its performance will be improved by about 10% while replacing for TSMC 4nm process, the design of this tablet is expected to be co-branded with Naoto Fukasawa, as the first master exploration version of the tablet products.

The release of the product is scheduled for May 26. Recently Realme executives also gave a preview of the recent arrival of a new machine with a heavy co-branded IP, netizens broke the news that the co-branded is Naruto, which is also a classic co-branding of the cell phone circle.


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