OPPO Reno8 Series Release Date And Time Announced

OPPO Reno8 Series Release Date And Time

OPPO Reno8 Series Release Date And Time

Today’s morning OPPO cell phone officially announced the OPPO Reno8 Series release date and time while also hinting at some of the core configurations. According to the announcement, OPPO Reno8 Series will be released on May 23, at 7:00 pm. in China.

The official preview information shows that the new Reno, “core” friends, hinting that the series will have chip highlights, after breaking news that the series will be the first to carry Qualcomm’s new mid-range SoC Snapdragon 7 Gen1.

The previous reports show that Snapdragon 7 Gen1 uses Samsung’s 4nm process, the CPU consists of four 2.36GHz A710 + four 1.8GHz A510, and the GPU is integrated with Adreno 662. The series will also be equipped with the Find series’ own NPU chip MariSilicon X, and TSMC’s 6nm process to further enhance the imaging capability.

In addition, the series offers three models, respectively designated as a medium cup, large cup, and very large cup. It is said that there are also two processors Dimensity 1300, and Dimensity 8100-Max, corresponding to which model is not yet clear, pending the official unveiling. In terms of design, the series will look similar to the OnePlus Ace.


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