Here is Limited Sony Wena 3 Ultraman Edition Smartwatch

Sony Wena 3 Ultraman Edition

Sony Wena 3 Ultraman Edition

The film New – Ultraman is about to be released globally, and the related peripheral co-branded product has begun to gradually unfold. Sony officially announced today New – Ultraman co-branded Sony Wena 3 Ultraman Edition, which is limited to 1000 units worldwide, has opened pre-sale, priced at 68200 yen.

In terms of appearance, the watch is a silver-gray shade and has a very simplified dial design with three hands corresponding to the elements of Ultraman and Defense Force in the New Ultraman, which is simple and atmospheric, but gives up its basic function as a watch “to see the time”.

On the back of the watch is the logo of the Defense Force and the unique serial number of this limited edition watch. Of course, like a smartwatch, it still maintains a certain level of functionality.

When connected to a smartphone, this watch can perform functions such as body health monitoring and application information notification through the display and sensors at the strap, and can even make quick payments and public transportation IC through the built-in NFC.

Continuity, the watch body runs through the built-in battery, and the duration can reach three years; the module responsible for display and detection needs to be charged, and the duration is around 24 hours.


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