Huawei Mate50 Will Debut in July with its Own 5G Solution

Huawei Mate50 Will Debut in July

Huawei Mate50 Will Debut in July with 5G Capabilities with Case

In the middle of the month, there were rumors online that Huawei’s new Mate50 series flagship would be released in July, and today the news has received some more confirmation online.

According to sources, the release time of Huawei’s Mate50 series has been confirmed to be July, and the new machine will have new gameplay and new applications in the system in addition to the camera part to look forward to, which will bring some very interesting experiences.

Huawei Mate50 Will Debut in July

However, the most anticipated machine is still not 5G supported, the entire Mate50 series will not have a 5G version, but the 5G phone case or which is expected to be released together, to bring a 5G network to it.

About this 5G phone case, in March of this year, there have been relevant pictures out, as shown in the picture, the case has been adapted to the Huawei P50 series, the bottom printed with the word “5G”, support Type-C interface charging.

It is not clear how it will achieve a 5G network, such as direct card insertion or eSIM, if Huawei launched this product, it is expected to give hints when the Mate50 series began to warm up.

Finally, the processor, the Mate50 series will be equipped with the Snapdragon 8 Gen1 4G version of the chip, of course, forced, it may be the world’s only one equipped with the chip models.


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