RedMagic x Transformers Co-branded 7/7Pro and 8 Accessories Launched

RedMagic x Transformers Editions

RedMagic x Transformers Editions

In today’s afternoon, RedMagic x Transformers co-branded a new product launch that was held as scheduled. And in addition to RedMagic 7 Series Transformers co-branded gaming phone, its many new products also debuted.

RedMagic 7 Series Transformers co-branded Edition

The main character of the launch is the RedMagic 7 Pro Optimus Prime Custom Edition and RedMagic 7 Decepticon Custom Edition two collector’s sets, packaging, appearance, UI, and other aspects that have been customized.

First look at the RedMagic 7 Pro Optimus Prime Custom Edition, the back cover through the red and blue clash of colors and flaming pattern overlay, to achieve the industry’s first sunken carving effect on the metal panel.

At the same time the deuterium front metal heat sink in the middle of the body using a complex double cold engraving process, has a metal BoP logo, built-in a set of exclusive UI “Defender of Justice”.

Phone packaging has been specially designed, with an exclusive deformation gift box, built-in genuine authorization badge, card pin, and 165W gallium nitride + data line, thermal conductivity protective case, turbo cooling back clip has special customization.

Then the RedMagic 7 Decepticon custom version, the back cover overall black and purple color scheme, the body overlay multiple UV textures, the same built-in set of exclusive UI “Energy Conqueror”.

Parameters, the two new machines and the regular version of the same, that is, the RedMagic 7 Decepticon custom version of 165Hz high brush screen, the new Snapdragon 8, 120W fast charging, built-in fan cooling. The RedMagic 7 Pro Optimus Custom Edition is an under-screen camera with a new Snapdragon 8 Gen1 with an independent gaming chip, 135W Magic Flash fast charging, and built-in fan cooling.

RedMagic x Transformers Editions Accessories

The conference also brought a war damage version of ecological products, with a pure hand polished texture and war damage style design, such as the Deuterium Front 65W three-port / four-port Gallium Nitride charger, 120W four-port Gallium Nitride charger, Deuterium Front 10000mAh rechargeable battery, and many other products.


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