RedMagic about to Bring Optimus Prime Edition of RedMagic 7 Pro and Other Accessories

RedMagic about to Brings Optimus Prime

RedMagic about to Bring Optimus Prime Edition

Recently, RedMagic Gaming Phone teased the new Transformers co-branded new product launch event for April 25 at 15:00 reveal. At the launch, the RedMagic co-branded Transformers edition product will debut.

There is also an additional official preview video, from which you can see part of the design of this new machine, not only in the outer packaging with deep customization, the rear shell design also incorporates the color scheme of Transformers and the head of Optimus Prime, the co-branded phone is based on the RedMagic 7 Pro, with a rectangular arrangement of the rear lens.

Today, RedMagic officially announced the packaging design of the first cell phone co-branded with “Transformers”, which can be described as a detailed pull full.

The announcement is a custom version of Optimus Prime, so the color scheme of the packaging heavily uses it’s iconic blue silver, and red colors with a gradient treatment.

In the design of the packaging elements, the RedMagic extracted the Optimus Prime “front end”, “flame sticker”, “Autobot Logo” and other elements, and incorporated the symmetrical design of mechanical textures, as well as the name of Optimus Prime as a point. The package is opened in a multi-layered way, referring to the action of Transformers when they change form.

In terms of built-in accessories, the co-branded version will come with a badge designed with Optimus Prime as the main body and a custom design for the card pin, with the same BoP logo printed on it as the packaging. In addition, this Optimus Prime custom version will also have a built-in customized cooling back clip and gallium nitride charger.

According to the previously revealed information, the joint name will have 10000mAh Powerbank and two custom gallium nitride chargers in addition to a custom version of the RedMagic 7 Pro phone.


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