Four New Mid-range Phone Configuration Unveiled

Four New Mid-range Phone configuration

Four New Mid-range Phone Configuration

After the first quarter of the new flagship release wave, it will be the turn of the mid-range phone updates, today, the blogger Digital Chat Station has revealed four new mid-range phone models that will be released this month.

There are four new phones, namely the first OPPO K10 with the Dimensity 8000 processor, the Realme Q5 Pro which has been officially announced to be released on the 20th of this month, the Vivo S15e, and the OnePlus Ace which has not yet been officially announced but is already on the net to know the configuration information.

OPPO K10, the world’s first Dimensity 8000 processor, LCD high refresh rate screen, 5000mAh battery + 67W fast charging. Realme Q5 Pro, upgraded Snapdragon 870 processor, OLED high refresh rate straight screen, 5000mAh + 80W fast charging (another 60W version available).

Vivo S15e, OLED high-brush hard screen, Samsung Exynos 1080 processor, 4700mAh battery + 66W fast charging. OnePlus Ace, a new series, focusing on gaming and performance, inherited from the OPPO Ace line, OLED high refresh rate hard screen, Dimensity 8100 processor, 4500mAh battery + 150W fast charging.

Only Realme has given the time of the launch this morning, the other three have not been announced, but since they are all released in April, I believe it is also fast, several new mid-range machines, which one are you most looking for forward to?


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