iQOO Neo6 Cooling System and New Back Clip Teased

iQOO Neo6 Cooling System

iQOO Neo6 Cooling System

Qualcomm Snapdragon flagship processors launched in the past two years in addition to strong performance also have a unifying feature – heat. In response, the major cell phone manufacturers have also made every effort to suppress, today, iQOO’s new iQOO Neo6 cooling system details were announced.

iQOO said, “The new stacked waterfall rare earth cooling system debuts! Obsessed with every 1℃, we are on the hard material again. Not only the ace-high thermal conductivity rare earth alloy but also 6 layers of three-dimensional graphite. Heat dissipation, we are serious.”

A rare-earth cooling system first appeared on the iQOO Neo5S, is also the first time in the cell phone field to use this material for heat dissipation, it allows the entire thickness of the machine to reduce by 0.05mm, weight reduction of about 7-10g.

Besides the built-in cooling material, iQOO also teased new extreme wind cooling back clip Pro. The Promo picture indicates that, with the cooling clip, the device temperature reaches -1 degree celsius.

The exterior part of the machine has also been announced and can be seen as a smaller iQOO 9, with the iconic design of the rear lens module very much in the style of the iQOO brand this year.

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