World’s 1st AR Contact Lens Demonstrated

Mojo Lens - World's 1st AR Contact Lens

Mojo Lens – World’s 1st AR Contact Lens

Contact lenses can be used as near-sighted glasses, but are also responsible for taking pictures and navigation, so sci-fi things, but also soon a reality. American startup Mojo Vision recently released a prototype of its AR contact lens, Mojo Lens, on its website.

According to the report, the AR contact lens has three major highlights: the world’s smallest and most pixel-dense Micro LED display, low latency communication technology for AR devices, and an ultra-precise eye-tracking system.

CNET reporter Scott Stein experienced the prototype of the AR contact lens and shared a video on YouTube. Scott Stein can only power the AR contact lens by holding a special smallholder and holding the AR contact lens close to his eye to feel the display effect.

Mojo Lens – World’s 1st AR Contact Lens

According to Scott Stein’s experience, the user can not only intuitively see all kinds of information interfaces, but also find the destination according to the navigation information. And all this information will be presented on a hexagonal miniature display, which is also one of the highlights of this AR contact lens prototype.

Currently, the MojoLens prototype is not the final product, the device’s internal power system is not yet fully activated and still needs to be powered by external means, so there is a safety risk of wearing it directly.

This Micro LED display is less than 0.5 mm in diameter and boasts 14,000 pixels per inch with a pixel pitch of 1.8 microns, making it the world’s smallest and densest screen. The screen is also equipped with MojoVision’s custom optical chip that displays text, images, and HD video on the wearer’s retina.

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