OPPO ACE Series Rebooting With New Identity

OPPO ACE Series Rebooting

OPPO ACE Series Rebooting

Do you all remember the very cost-effective and performance-oriented ACE series of products that OPPO once launched? According to the latest revelations, the OPPO ACE Series will be relaunched in a special form, and a new phone will be released soon.

OPPO ACE Series Rebooting

OPPO has previously launched two generations of ACE series products, respectively Reno ACE, and ACE 2. In addition to performance is at the top at the time, but also in the appearance of the design of the original OPPO style, and event details to even the card needle are customized anime, it is because of this the machine in each release is very sought-after, really belong to grab to re-sell resale on the hand.

Unfortunately, because of the adjustment of the product line, OPPO temporarily set this phone line, and Realme launched the GT series, as a flat replacement.

About this phone, the blogger who broke the news said that Realme GT belongs to the legacy of ACE, while OPPO’s new machine belongs to the return of naming, so there is still a difference between the two.

The machine in the configuration will be expected to carry super 100-watt fast charging, and there is a great possibility that still and an anime/game for a deep joint name, once the ACE fans can look forward to up.


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