Xiaomi Mix Fold2 Will Use Unique Folding Scheme

Xiaomi Mix Fold2 Exposure

Xiaomi Mix Fold2 Will Use Unique Folding Scheme – Inward + Outward

Last year, Xiaomi launched the first foldable display phone MIX FOLD, the flagship is also equipped with several innovative technology technologies such as a liquid lens. But because the folding-related technology, as well as system optimization, is not very perfect, so the experience is slightly unsatisfactory.

It is worth noting that, according to previous reports, Xiaomi will launch a new generation of foldable display flagship this year, the machine will come out as a Xiaomi Mix Fold2 codenamed L18.

Recently, Xiaomiui found code suggesting that Xiaomi Mix Fold2 will use a unique folding scheme. The mentioned code “Reversed Folded DeviceStates” could mean that the machine will support a reverse folding scheme. The real meaning of this code cannot be determined at this time, as no manufacturer in the industry seems to be able to achieve this technology.

According to the code leaked, the MIX FOLD2 will have a resizable interface. When folding the phone in both directions, the interface will be resized without errors. This feature of Xiaomi MIX FOLD 2 is made possible by Android 12L improvements to foldable phones, which suggests that MIX FOLD 2 will come with Android 12L pre-installed instead of Android 12.

BOE 360° Foldable Screen Demo

A year before, BOE also demonstrated similar technology and shared a video showing a foldable display prototype with internal folding + spreading + external folding. From the official display, BOE flexible 360° folding technology breaks through the limitation of display module single direction folding, to achieve the 360° form.

Previously revealed that the Xiaomi MIX FOLD 2 folds significantly better than its predecessor, and the inner and outer screens support high refresh rates, making up for the regret of the Xiaomi Mi MIX FOLD.


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