TCL Introduces WQHD LTPO Display Supporting 1-144Hz Variation

TCL Introduces WQHD LTPO Display

TCL Introduces WQHD LTPO Display

Recently, TCL CSOT announced the launch of strong power saving, supporting 1-120Hz smooth natural switch without flicker WQHD LTPO (Low-Temperature Polycrystalline Oxide) screen, a breakthrough in LTPO technology level.

LTPO technology as a low-power display technology is widely concerned in the industry, it is on the LTPS through a series of technologies to form the Oxide layer technology, which has the advantages of LTPS high mobility, but also IGZO low leakage current, low refresh rate characteristics.

Different from the current LTPS OLED display panel, an additional layer of the oxide semiconductor layer can effectively reduce the panel drive frequency, thereby reducing the power consumption when the screen is displayed, can reduce the power consumption of the screen about 5-15%.


This WQHD LTPO screen released by TCL CSOT can achieve an ultra-low refresh rate of 1Hz, while supporting refresh rate self-adaptation, which can achieve an ultra-wide frequency range of 1-144Hz switching, with more switchable frequencies and enhanced scene segmentation optimization.

For example, among WeChat, sliding fast browsing is 144Hz, the screen does not change dramatically when sending voice, it will drop to 30Hz, while fast typing will be adjusted to 60Hz, realizing the refinement of high refresh rate management, so that every point of power consumption is used more thoroughly.

In addition to adaptive refresh rate, this screen is also equipped with frequency conversion direct cutting technology and WQHD LTPO + MLP (micro-prism light-gathering technology) low-power combination technology.

Compared with the initial LTPO technology, after the application of TCL inverter direct cutting technology, the device frequency (for example, 120Hz ~ 10Hz switching / 120Hz ~ 1Hz switching) will achieve faster and smoother, can be timely according to the screen display content down to a low-frequency state, to achieve the role of power-saving.

Officially, TCL self-developed WQHD LTPO + MLP low-power combination technology has completed technology development, is expected to 1Hz low-frequency power consumption can be reduced by more than 20%.

At present, TCL FHD & WQHD LTPO technology is ready in place, and the future T4 project production line will have a 15K LTPO mass production capability. At present, capacity climbing and yield enhancement are steadily progressing, after full production, the T4 project can produce nearly 1.09 million square meters of display panels per year, meeting 13% of the global demand for flexible display panels.


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