Manufacturer Testing New SONY 50MP 1/1.1-inches Sensor

SONY 50MP 1/1.1-inches Sensor

SONY 50MP 1/1.1-inches Sensor

Sony began to develop CMOS image sensors in 1996, in 2000 launched the first commercial CMOS image sensor IMX001. In today’s smartphone market, Sony’s Exmor image sensor almost occupies half of the market share.

The series of sensor models, parameters also vary, for example, the more familiar IMX766 publicly equipped with more than 100 models, with 1/1.56-inch large bottom, a single 1.0μm large pixels, the amount of light compared to the IMX586 to improve a huge; and Samsung GN2 this more reached 1/1.12 inches, but the size is too large to cause problems will also be compromised elsewhere.

From a technical point of view, the advantages of a larger sensor size are obvious, the most intuitive is the larger individual pixel area can also receive more light. The 1-inch size is much larger than 1/1.7 inches, 1/2.3 inches, and so on, in the cell phone sensor is also quite strong, so for most manufacturers to choose the right size is a very important thing.

Sony also launched the Xperia PRO-I phone, using the same imaging technology as Sony’s Alpha micro single series cameras, in particular, equipped with the same 1-inch image sensor of the Black Card, and optimized for Xperia smartphones, with a unit pixel pitch of 2.4µm.

Recently, Digital Chat Station speculated that a smartphone manufacturer is testing a phone based on SONY 50MP 1/1.1-inches (±) CMOS, which will bring notable importance in smartphone photography.

This new sensor might be belonging to the IMX8xx sensor, with which Xiaomi, Huawei, and Vivo work for a corresponding flagship phone.


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