Samsung Developing New UD Camera Solution For iPhone 15 Pro And Galaxy Z Fold 5

Samsung Developing New UD Camera Solution

Samsung Developing New UD Camera Solution

The iPhone 14 Pro series will use the “exclamation point” punch design, that is, “pill-shaped + round” double punch, while the ordinary iPhone 14 version is still the current notch cut-out screen design.

From the current exposures, this year’s iPhone 14 Series in terms of the design, to everyone’s surprise, will not be too much, so what about next year? Of course, for Apple, the next design of the iPhone should be to kill the bangs, after all, this is also more in line with the aesthetic.

Recently, Korean media The Elec reports that Samsung Display and OTI Lumionics are developing a new generation of under-display cameras that will debut first on the Galaxy Z Fold 5 next year, and then will make their way to Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro model in the fall of 2023.

The report claims that Samsung Display has partnered with OTI Lumionics, which has developed a new generation of organic cathode patterning material (CPM) that “opens tiny transparent windows in the cathode and OLED pixel layers.

Interestingly, the above solution in turn makes the display completely transparent, allowing Apple to mount its FaceID sensor under the display. When unlocking the display, the infrared sensor will work normally, leaving a complete cut-out and holes-free display for the user to enjoy.

It is worth mentioning that Samsung Electronics previously used a laser drilling type of solution to achieve an under-screen camera on the Galaxy Z Fold 3, but the performance of the mass-produced version of the Fold 3 was a bit unimpressive. So Apple decided to abandon the laser drilling solution and look for a new alternative.

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