iPhone 14 Pro Detailed Size Diagram Reveal Key Highlights

iPhone 14 Pro Concept Renderings

iPhone 14 Pro Detailed Size Diagram

At the 2022 Apple peak performance event, Apple unveiled the new iPhone SE 3 and iPhone 13 Pro in new colors. But for many fans, the highly anticipated new generation iPhone 14 Series is the ultimate topic, especially the two Pro versions that have generated so much attention in previous leaks.

The next big conference of mobile products will have to wait until September when the iPhone 14 Series will be officially unveiled. In recent times, Apple has been arranging for the foundry to carry out trial production of the iPhone 14 Series, and a lot of specific news about the new machine has been revealed.

iPhone 14 Pro Detailed Size Diagram

In today’s morning a Weibo blogger discovered iPhone 14 Pro detailed size diagram, which shows that the overall design of the iPhone 14 Pro is similar to its predecessor, but the thickness reaches 7.85mm, which is 0.2mm thicker than the 7.65mm of the current iPhone 13 Pro series.

The biggest difference between the new machine and its predecessor is still in the front screen design. iPhone 14 Pro will for the first time completely abandon the bangs screen solution, using the punch-hole + pile-shaped approach to take into account a higher screen-to-body ratio and Face ID, with a shape similar to an exclamation point.

But it should be noted that the size chart shows that the iPhone 14 Pro exclamation point digging hole covers a very large area, in fact, the overall look and iPhone 13 Pro small bangs is not very different, the final effect may be somewhat less than expected, not before we imagine the effect.

As for the earpiece part, the new machine is similar to the iPhone 13 series, with a micro seam design that fits snugly into the upper bezel. It should be noted that, according to some of the previous revelations, this year only iPhone 14 Pro will use this exclamation point digging hole solution, iPhone 14 series two models will continue to use small bangs design, while LTPO adaptive refresh rate screen will also continue to be the Pro version exclusive configuration.

Source, Via, Concept Renderings by Aaple_lab

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