First Look of Vivo Tablet Revealed Together with Accessories

First Look of Vivo Tablet official renderings

First Look of Vivo Tablet

Besides Vivo’s first foldable display phone – Vivo X Fold and super flagship Vivo X Note, Vivo is also preparing Vivo Tablet, and according to a new leak, it’s already prepared and ready to lunch.

Today, Digital Chat Station shared the first look of Vivo Tablet through leaked low-quality official renderings. From the leaked material, Vivo Tablet can be seen with a narrow bezel design, with a touchpad, keyboard, stylus, and a blue back cover.

Vivo Tablet also comes with what looks like a large rear lens module with a circular design and multiple sensors inside. The screen shows the system desktop of the tablet, and the window on the right side is linked to the phone, so it is expected to be able to pass files, control the phone App, etc.

Vivo’s Tablet will be launched in the first half of 2022, the main focus of synergy with the phone. The device already passed 3C certification with model number PA2170 and comes standard with a charger of up to 44W wired fast charging.

Previously revealed that the tablet is positioned in between mid-to-high-end category, equipped with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 870 chip with 120Hz super wide and narrow bezel LCD screen, front camera opening in the bezel, battery capacity of 7860mAh, also has multi-terminal interconnection.


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