SD 8 Gen1 iQOO Neo6 Launch Schedule Unveiled

iQOO Neo6 Launch Schedule

(in picture: iQOO Neo 5S)

iQOO Neo6 Launch Schedule

After the flagship iQOO 9 Series, iQOO began to prepare its Neo series iteration of the new machine, according to the name should be Neo6, the burst of information gradually frequent.

This afternoon, a Digital Chat Station broke the news that the iQOO Neo6 launch event will be in early April, focusing on the gaming experience, while some flagship features will be devolved.

iQOO Neo6 Launch Schedule

According to the news, the screen size has not changed much, still about 6.6 inches, but upgraded from E3 to E4 luminous material, support a high refresh rate of 120Hz, with better power consumption performance. Charging has a large upgrade, supporting 80W wired fast charging, a battery capacity of 4700mAh.

At the same time the screen supports dual pressure-sensitive, can be mapped to any area of the screen, suitable for users who play games, similar to the effect of shoulder keys, but directly on the screen can be pressed to achieve.

The core configuration is equipped with Snapdragon 8 Gen1 processor, the continuation of the previous generation of the good reputation of rare earth heat dissipation material, including lanthanum (La), cerium ( Ce), claimed to reach 200% of the original thermal conductivity.


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