Redmi K50 Dimensity 9000 Bring Xiaomi’s Imaging Brain and 512GB Storage

Redmi K50 Dimensity 9000 Bring Xiaomi's Imaging Brain and 512GB Storage

Redmi K50 Dimensity 9000 Highlights

Redmi K50 Series will officially debut tomorrow evening, the official these days of continuous preheating has announced a lot of information. This afternoon, Redmi again issued a dramatic article, announcing that the K50 Dimensity 9000 version will be equipped with Xiaomi self-research Imaging Brain, integrated hardware and software capabilities, image speed up again.

The official claim is that, with OIS optical stabilization, it can achieve stable and fast snapshots, while the Dimensity 9000 Imagiq 790 image processor + APU 590 allows image processing speed and AI arithmetic power to increase significantly. The final result is a 58% increase in 2X snapshot speed, a 30% increase in 1X snapshot speed, and a 31% increase in 0.6X snapshot speed.

Xiaomi’s self-researched imaging brain is also a feature that was previously debuted on the Xiaomi 12 Pro model, which took Xiaomi two years to build, with a team of engineers rewriting the entire camera architecture and rebuilding the integration of hardware and software capabilities to take photos faster and with a higher success rate, which was directly delegated to K50 Series this time.

In addition to supporting OIS optical stabilization and self-researched imaging brain, the Redmi K50 series is also equipped with a maximum of the 108-megapixel main camera. With the big-bottom sensor boost, and with Redmi’s software algorithm tuning, the Redmi K50 series images are worth looking forward to.

Furthermore, Today Redmi also announced that the Redmi K50 Dimensity 9000 version will available with up to 512GB UFS 3.1 of ultra-large storage and LPDDR5 RAM.

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