Samsung Galaxy Z Multi-fold Can Be Folded Horizontally Or Vertically

Samsung Galaxy Z Multi-fold

Samsung Galaxy Z Multi-fold

Recently, LetsGoDigital uncovered a patent of foldable display phone from Samsung, which has its uniqueness of multi-fold form. With collaboration with Parvez Khan, LetsGoDigital created high-quality renderings of the device.

Samsung Galaxy Z Multi-fold Video Introduction

Based on its characteristics, LetsGoDigital named this new foldable phone – Samsung Galaxy Z Multi-fold. The device can be folded horizontally or vertically.

Citing Dohyun Kim, LetsGoDigital said that the device is currently under development. The device’s screen can be displayed outward in the vertically folded state, while in the horizontal folding mode, the screen can be hidden inside, to achieve the foldable use and storage protection effect.

As for usability, the Samsung Galaxy Z Multi-fold display can be unfolded into a large flat tablet or can be half-folded to use the half screen for content and the other half for the virtual keyboard, like a laptop.


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