Redmi K50 Series Green Glow Color Scheme Officially Unveiled

Redmi K50 Series Green Glow

Redmi K50 Series Green Glow

Following the previous announcement of the “Ink Feather” and “Silver Trail” color scheme, today Redmi K50 Series Green Glow color scheme was officially unveiled.

Redmi’s official post states, “The gentle texture of glass, as if there is a silk luster, neutral saturation, suitable for young boys and girls, dedicated to spring, dedicated to rain, dedicated to you.”

In terms of appearance, the K50 series has an overall lime green color scheme. The Redmi K50 Series is more natural and fresher than the iPhone 13 Pro, which was released not long ago and was called Alpine Green.

As previously reported by Sparrows News, the first two colorways of the Redmi K50 series are “Ink Feather” and “Silver Trail“, which are the main colors of black and silver, and are also the two classic phone colorways.


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