Redmi K50 Series Display Specifications and New Silver Trail Color Scheme Unveiled

Redmi K50 Series Display Specifications

Redmi K50 Series Display Specifications and New Silver Trail Color

Redmi K50 Series will be released this Thursday evening, today the official continued to bring warm-up for this new machine. Today, the official unveiled Redmi K50 Series display specifications and a new color scheme named – Silver Trail.

About the straight screen or curved screen, most of the user’s point of view is the same, that is, must be the straight screen, after all, the actual use of curved screen brings problems is higher than the appearance of the value, and a high-quality straight screen can be a good solution to this problem, but now the market can see the high-end flagship of the straight screen is too rare, this time K50 and give us a choice.

The K50 screen from Samsung, the resolution reached 2K level, centered on a single hole design, the screen size is expected to be the same as the gaming version to remain at about 6.7 inches, the bezel chin, if you look carefully at the big picture can also be seen these are not the problem, the most important thing is, his price will be how much?

Officially, the Redmi K50 Series screen reaches 526ppi, with a very fine display, and will also have an ambient color temperature, DC dimming, 16,000 levels of automatic brightness adjustment, protected by Corning Gorilla Gorilla Victus and other specifications, and support Dolby Vision certification, factory original color screen, piece-by-piece tuning, and has received DisplayMate A+ level certification, breaking 16 straight screen records.

According to the official introduction, the K50 series uses a flexible straight screen substrate, which is equivalent to using the same raw materials used to make the top curved screen to make a straight screen, which not only makes the screen lighter and thinner but also makes the bezel narrower, especially the chin part of the bezel can be significantly reduced.

According to the official information revealed so far, there will be at least two models of the K50 series debuting this time, equipped with Dimensity 8100 and Dimensity 9000 respectively, where the former is considered K50 Pro and the latter is considered K50 Pro+. Some sources claim that K50 Pro will also have a 2K screen.

Besides the high-quality display, Redmi K50 Series is also equipped with stereo dual speakers, Dolby Atmos support and Hi-Res dual gold standard certification, and Bluetooth 5.3, while supporting the new LC3 audio coding.

Redmi K50 Series Silver Trail

Furthermore, today Redmi K50 Series’ second color scheme “Silver Trail” was also officially unveiled. The official introduction says that the “Silver Trail” colorway is made of glass + metallic light. From the poster can be seen, the rear lens part of the machine with a pure black step design should be a series of more plain color schemes.

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