OnePlus Dimensity 8100 3C Certified with 150W as More Specs Leaked

OnePlus Dimensity 8100 3C Certified

OnePlus Dimensity 8100 3C Certified

OnePlus had a few big events last year, returning to the OPPO banner to become its independent self-brand, and the independently built Hydrogen OS system was gradually replaced with OPPO’s all-out ColorOS, which means that the once unique OnePlus has become a member of the “public”, but that’s not the end of it.

Today, according to the blogger Digital Chat Station brought the news that the OnePlus Dimensity 8100 new machine will be released shortly, the front of the machine is a 6.7-inch BOE centered single digging hole flexible straight screen, the rear for IMX766 three camera-lens combination, the lens arrangement is similar to the Realme new machine GT Neo3, and do some fine-tuning, the flash moved to the right side of the main camera.

These to nothing, the most critical is that OnePlus once proud of the Android phone on the only one of the three-button design disappeared, but this is when OnePlus brand released a lot of publicity focus, many people think it is very practical, but some people think it is useless, is the pure imitation of the iPhone, no matter how to say, this is also considered OnePlus cell phone logo, but from this new machine, it will also disappear in the history of the long river.

Without the hydrogen OS, without the three-stage button, the appearance design tends to Realme, even the exclusive name of Hasselblad was also taken by OPPO to use, the future of OnePlus will still have those characteristics to stay in the hearts of users?

OnePlus Dimensity 8100 3C Certification

Recently, the OnePlus Dimensity 8100 Phone was also certified on 3C quality test with the new model number PGKM10 supporting 150W fast charging, 15 minutes to fill 4500mAh comes with a 160W charger with model number VCK8HACH.

As for the 150W fast charging, this is the latest fast charging technology just released by OPPO at MWC not long ago, from the adapter, wire to the phone have been re-optimized and designed to adapt to high power, 5 minutes to charge the equivalent 4500mAh battery to 50% and 15 minutes to 100%.

Comprehensive previous news, this new machine is likely to be a product belonging to the OnePlus 10 Series, could be OnePlus 10R or standard OnePlus 10. Besides to above-mentioned model, OnePlus also working on SM8475 based model, which is expected to be released in the second half of the year.

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