Redmi K50 Dimensity 9000 Version Smoothly Ran Genshin Impact

Redmi K50 Dimensity 9000 Version Smoothly Ran Genshin Impact

Redmi K50 Dimensity 9000 Version Gaming And Cooling

Redmi today officially announced its K50 series launch event schedule, which will be released on March 17, saying it has the ruthlessly superb annual dual flagship Dimensity chips. Known sources indicate that the K50 series contains at least two Dimensity processors, namely Dimensity 8100 and Dimensity 9000, with the former being the world’s first.

According to the official data released, the Redmi K50 Dimensity 9000 version ran Genshin Impact for one hour with a stable frame rate of 59 fps, almost full-frame, while the body temperature was only 46°C, while the competing products are generally over 50℃.

Of course, this achievement is not just achieved by the strong performance of the Dimensity 9000 alone, Redmi has spent months tuning the device with MediaTek’s team to bring out the ultimate performance. In addition to tuning, the Redmi K50 series is also specially equipped with a large cooling system.

In terms of heat dissipation, the machine uses the same specification material as the Redmi’s K50 Gaming Edition, a new generation of stainless steel VC with an area of 3950m㎡ and a motherboard coverage of 72%, and a T-shaped structure with a more reasonable thermal path.

In other configurations, the Redmi K50 series use a 6.78-inch high brush screen, so the internal space is sufficient, and also equipped with X-axis linear motor. As for the performance, Redmi K50 Series’s top version has already been tested on AnTuTu Benchmark.

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