Realme GT Neo3 Coming This Month With 150W Charging

Realme GT Neo3 Coming This Month

Realme GT Neo3 Coming This Month

As a counterpart to Redmi’s brand, Realme has also given a new update about its counterpart model Realme GT Neo3 after Redmi announced the release time of the new K50. Xu Qi, vice president of Realme, president of China, and president of global marketing posted:

Realme GT Neo3, see you this month! Super 100 watt dual-core, flagship ascending cup! Challenge the new limits of speed!”

About Realme GT Neo3 coming, there is also a more detailed explosion on the Internet previously, its biggest highlight is that it will debut the 150W fast charging of the BBK system, put such a top fast charging directly down to the middle to high-end products, this is the first time to see.

In addition, the official outline of the GT Neo3 has a large and two small rear lenses design, and Redmi’s K50 is a bit of a departure. The two phones have roughly the same configuration, Realme also has more than 150W fast charging, the ultimate winner or loser may depend on the price to decide.

In addition, the Realme official previously announced that the Realme GT Neo3 world’s first 150W light speed second charge, 5 minutes to 50%. From the information, the flash version is a 4500mAh battery + 150W, and the standard version is 5000mAh + 80W.


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