Xiaomi Band 7 New Features Highlighted

Xiaomi Band 7 New Features

(in picture: Mi Band 6)

Xiaomi Band 7 New Features

In addition to the three new models of Redmi K50 Universe and Xiaomi 12 Ultra, another new product of Xiaomi was revealed on the internet this afternoon.

According to the latest revelations brought by well-known blogger Digital Chat Station, Xiaomi has a bunch of wearable devices that have not been released, including the new Xiaomi Band 7 which will continue to be manufactured by Huami.

The resolution of the AMOLED screen has also been improved, with the number coming to 192×490 (the Xiaomi Band 6 currently on sale uses a resolution of 152×486), and also has a richer Always On Display dial. Additionally, it will feature Heart rate, blood oxygen, breathing, health detection should have.

The blogger also said that Xiaomi also hand this product is about to do the head, the official in the follow-up will bring more expensive products, Xiaomi’s intelligent square table will also usher in a new generation.

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