Shokz Introduced OpenRun Pro Open Listening Sports Headphones

Shokz OpenRun Pro

Shokz OpenRun Pro

Shokz officially released a new professional sports headphones – OpenRun Pro. It uses Shokz’s newly-developed acoustic technology Shokz TurboPitch low-frequency enhancement, combining bone conduction and the latest acoustic technology to improve the sound quality of open listening headphones.

Shokz OpenRun Pro Introduction Video

While the sound quality is improved, the OpenRun Pro also features a new dual silicon microphone tuned to a prime position for better-focused voice pickup and better radio results. This is complemented by the CVC algorithm for intelligent recognition to improve the clarity of voice calls.

To improve wearing comfort, OpenRun Pro combines ergonomics, better weight distribution, high resilience titanium alloy, and skin-friendly silicone material to upgrade wearing comfort.

With the new fast-charging function, it can be used for 90 minutes after 5 minutes of charging, so even in long-distance trail running races, it can quickly recharge the power at the CP point and accompany the user to finish the whole race. This product is also equipped with an exclusive app, the user can carry out the convenient operation.

In terms of price, Shokz OpenRun Pro sports headphones are priced at 1298 yuan, providing knight black/cowboy blue/grapefruit pink/desert yellow four color versions. The OpenRun Pro is also available in a Kipchoge co-branded model in a vibrant orange and gray colorway, also priced at 1,298 yuan and expected to go on sale in late March 2022.


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