OPPO Find X5 Pro Review: MariSilicon X Makes Sense

OPPO Find X5 Pro Review

OPPO Find X5 Pro Review


OPPO’s actions over the past few years have been very big, and the OPPO we once remembered is completely different. The OPPO has been saying that the “high price and low price” label does not belong to OPPO anymore. Believe it or not, you can now go to open his official website to see, not to mention cell phones, even its TV products are very cost-effective. OPPO has taken practical action.

OPPO told everyone with their practical actions, in fact, to do some black technology and cost-effective products, the strength of the big manufacturers can also be the same hand to hand.

(Media Credit: AnTuTu Benchmark, same as below)

OPPO’s change is silent, so much so that you do not go to the summary of these product attributes may also be aware of stay in the once, and in these products, Find series is that collection of the great, February 24, 2022, OPPO as promised to bring the year more flagship new machine OPPO Find X5 Series.


ModelOPPO Find X5 Pro
Display 6.7-inches LTPO 2.0 2K screen, 120HZ refresh rate, 3216 × 1440 resolution resolution, 552PPI, 92.7% screen ratio, native 1 billion color display, breaking Display mate A+ screen 16 items
SoCSnapdragon 8 Gen 1, Marisilicon X
256GB/512GB UFS3.1
CameraWide-angle main camera: 50MP Sony IMX766 sensor, 1/1.56″ photosensitive area, f/1.7 aperture, 1G+6P lens, dual OIS
Wltra-wide-angle lens: 50MP, Sony IMX766 sensor, 1/1.56″ photosensitive area, f/2.2 aperture, freeform lens
Telephoto lens: 13MP, f/2.4 aperture, 5x hybrid optical zoom, 20x digital zoom
Front: 32MP, IMX709 sensor, f/2.4 aperture
UnlockFingerprint, face
80W wired, 50W wireless
SystemColorOS 12.1 based on Android 12
Weight218g (ceramic version),
195g (plain leather version)
ColorsWhite Porcelain, Black Glaze, Water Blue (Plain Leather)
OthersStereo dual speakers, panoramic sound, NFC, X-axis linear motor
Price8 + 256GB = 5999 yuan,
12 + 256GB = 6299 yuan,
12 + 512GB = 6799 yuan
12 + 256GB = 5799 yuan (Dimensity 9000 version)
OPPO Find X5 Pro Specifications


The Find X5 Pro packaging is relatively simple this time, with dark silver + black model lettering overall highlighting a sense of calm and texture, the lower right corner of the front of the box and the side of the internationally renowned image manufacturer Hasselblad’s logo, the overall tone in the shaping and those fancy cell phones are different, more towards some stability and international style.

The cell phone manufacturers and Hasselblad cooperation is OnePlus, but OnePlus has now returned to the OPPO banner, so OPPO to use to improve the quality of photography is natural, it is very reasonable.

The box contains the charging head, data cable, three-pack instructions and phone case all have, in hand can be used, no need to buy additional third-party accessories.

OPPO Find X5 Pro is equipped with a 6.7-inch new generation LTPO 2.0 2K screen, with self-research intelligent dynamic refresh rate technology, without the need to play through third-party resources can achieve 1-120Hz non-inductive frequency, dynamic and smooth, static power saving.

The screen resolution reaches 3216 × 1440p with a PPI of 525 and achieves a native 1 billion color display, and Environmental Adaptive Technology 2.0 makes dual adjustments to brightness and color temperature to achieve comfortable eye protection in a stunning display environment. Such top performance also breaks the 16 records of Display A+ screen.

In terms of screen, OPPO’s Find series is always one step ahead of all its peers, once the OPPO Find X2 Pro was completely ahead of the cell phone market at that time with its excellent experience of 3K+120Hz, only after playing with this screen in hand, you will know how practical the “all-round sensory awakening” slogan is.

In terms of photography, Find X5 Pro uses a combination of three lenses, respectively, wide-angle main camera: 50MP Sony IMX766 sensor, 1/1.56″ sensor area, f/1.7 aperture, 1G + 6P lens, dual OIS; ultra-wide-angle lens: 50MP, Sony IMX766 sensor, 1/1.56″ sensor area, f/2.2 aperture, free-form lens; telephoto lens: 13MP, f/2.4 aperture, 5x hybrid optical zoom, 20x digital zoom. Front single-hole camera: 32MP, IMX709 sensor, f/2.4 aperture.

This time the Find X5 Pro continues the previous generation of Find X3 Pro’s crater 2.0 design, to create a more three-dimensional sense of the cratered mountain. OPPO is in the process of using 14 polishing processes on the curved surface of the crater and the flat surface of the refined polishing. Compared to Find X3 only the annulus part of the polishing process is doubled. This also makes the ceramic porcelain torus visually more upright, between light and shade, the angles are clear.

In addition to the industry’s leading unibody mirror lens design, OPPO’s image enhancements are even greater this time around.

The OPPO FIND X5 Pro is equipped with OPPO’s first self-developed video-specific NPU, MariSilicon X. The chip was born from the DSA New Gold Architecture concept and 6nm advanced process, providing unprecedented arithmetic power and energy efficiency ratio, while achieving a comprehensive evolution of video processing.

At the same time, it is the first time for OPPO to realize the vertical integration of the whole chain in the field of computational imaging, including the integration of chip and self-researched algorithms. The integration of chip and common platform, and the integration of chip and deeply customized sensor, which can fully serve OPPO’s customized computational imaging needs. Self-developed image-specific NPU, MariSilicon X will constitute the left and right brains of the phone’s core computing together with the SoC, opening the era of one machine with two cores.

This is also the origin of OPPO’s Slogan “One image, using two chips”, which simply means that a dish, cooked for you by two of the industry’s top chefs, the final expectations for the dish can be directly pulled to the top.

The back shell material, Find X5 Pro this time the choice is ceramic, with the official more accurate saying is integrated nano-microcrystalline ceramic, it can bring the feel and visual enjoyment of both.

It is also because of the addition of ceramic that the Find X5 Pro’s rear lens crater can achieve a visual effect of the uniformity of light and shadow, making it look like a whole piece of diamond cut out and polished jade is generally complete.

Moreover, compared to glass material, microcrystalline ceramic will be more wear-resistant and scratch-resistant and is better in terms of hardness and heat dissipation efficiency.

The overall feeling, OPPO Find X5 Pro this time the design belongs to the previous generation of progression, everything is moving towards a more “complete” state, and from the Find X2 series to now to overview again you will find that OPPO has finally found its own prototype, which is very valuable for cell phone companies.


OPPO Find X5 Pro’s top priority is photography. In addition to carrying the first self-research image dedicated NPU, MariSilicon X chip, but also OnePlus in the image of the joint partner Hasselblad image to use, the strong combination is a new realm.

The Find X5 Pro’s three lenses have been mentioned earlier, so we won’t go over them here. We will just look at the results of the proofs. The daytime shooting proofs of the Find X5 Pro are as follows. The photos are only compressed by size, and the pictures are not Adjusted for any modifications.

Day Time

In the daily handheld samples, there is no distortion in the zoomed part of the building lines, and the color reproduction is true, you can feel the sense of age after a long period of sun and rain; the sample of the tree tumor has clear details of the location of the focus point, at this time you then look at the edge of the photo part of the bokeh, it will be the same as the feeling of the human eye, not excessive and real.

The other two photos are also very good to restore the color of the scene on the day which the author took the photo. Now many cell phones in the orientation of the photo are to strive to be true, no longer give you false add a lot of “feel” very beautiful color, this is also the unified characteristics of high-end flagship phones in the photography.

The Find X5 Pro’s samples can be taken with the point, as long as you choose a good angle, basically out of the view is not too bad, and the camera shutter is also officially adjusted to the Hasselblad camera shutter sound, the heavy as the sound of gears gnashing together, it is fascinating.

OPPO Find X5 Pro’s telephoto lens is 13 megapixels, supporting 5x hybrid optical zoom and 20x digital zoom, let’s look at its sample performance in different focal lengths.

Although the official claim is that the maximum support of the camera is 5 being mixed-light variation, from the 10x zoom sample can also clearly see the lines of the tower, the edge part is also not pasted, giving a very clear and crisp view, which is very rare.

In addition, Find X5 Pro is equipped with a dual OIS five-axis stabilization program, in the same lens module to achieve double optical stabilization of the sensor and lens, which brings the actual use of the effect is even the longest focus of 20 times, in the case of handheld stability is very OK, the sample performance is also notable.

Night Time

The night scene, OPPO Find X5 Pro brings the feeling that can be described with the word “amazing”, simple and direct, you see my handy original picture will know why.

What is the most test of night scene? It is the processing of light and dark, lighting, especially in close shooting situations if the light source is many and complex, even if the phone is added to the high-end AI adjustment is difficult to the picture purity + light source processing, but the Find X5 Pro did this time, you see the first picture will understand the feeling that author said. In addition to the focus of the tree trunk lights, the upper left corner of another tree light source was processed into a very good-looking light spot, so that not only highlights the subject but also makes the background become very and not, the detailing is simply too in place.

In addition, the Find X5 Pro is also handy in dealing with the light source of large buildings, following the above characteristics to see a few other night scenes of buildings, you can clearly understand the feeling that photography is originally the art of light, and the light of the night scene is not controllable, but the Find X5 Pro responds to these uncontrollable light sources and took a picture that can be called the top of the cell phone night photos, which really makes me feel very amazing.


Since it has the Hasselblad name and also the logo on the back case of the phone as well as the box, it is natural that the built-in photosystem cannot be missing.

To better feel the charm of Hasselblad colors, OPPO joint Hasselblad ambassadors from different countries for the Find X5 Pro modulation of three master filters, respectively, master fairy tale, master landscape, and master portrait, we look at the sample photos one by one.

First of all, Master Fairy Tale and Master Landscape are completely two orientations of the landscape, the former mild, the latter cold, this can also be seen from the sample comparison, according to the current preferences of the photos of the landscape, the use of these two filters should be very high.

Master portrait filter, the author also added the phone’s own portrait mode for comparison, the same 2x zoom, you can see the comparison samples, the master portrait for the three-dimensional sense of character face shaping will be more excellent.

Left: Hasselblad Master Portrait / Right: Portrait mode comes with the phone

In addition to these three Hasselblad filters, OPPO’s imaging team, based on a tribute to Hasselblad’s classic camera XPAN, also customized XPAN mode on the phone, which not only supports 65:24 wide format but also restores the classic 45mm lens to achieve two film styles: black and white and color.

This lens photography, the need for the shooter to have a deeper knowledge and understanding of the scene, otherwise in the imaging samples may not feel the Hasselblad XPAN kind of texture, you see the following sample photos. The author thinks the black and white processing should be more in line with the feeling brought by the XPAN.


OPPO’s many phones are the main video, in the 5G era, video social also more in line with the contemporary background, so this Find X5 Pro in the video shooting also did a lot of upgrades.

Thanks to MariSilicon X’s powerful arithmetic and energy efficiency ratio, Find X5 Pro can increase the resolution of ultra-clear night video by 4 times when shooting, lifting the limitation of 1080P image quality for night video, while each frame is processed with pixel-level AI noise reduction to achieve clear image quality for night dynamics.

In addition, the camera can achieve an amazing 20bit 120db (20TOPS) dynamic range in the final frame when shooting, which is 4 times better than Find X3 Pro, reaching a 20bit Ultra HDR super dynamic range.

The final result of all this digital improvement is that even if it is just a handheld + fast walking night shooting video, it can be both clear and stable, and in so many lighting changes in the scene, it can still be as stable as a mountain.

After experiencing the night photography and video recording of Find X5 Pro, the author thinks that this phone is by far the best product for all kinds of imaging in night scenes, and it should be none of them, its performance is too good.

OPPO FIND X5 PRO Videography


OPPO as early as the official release of MediaTek’s Dimensity 9000 processor has given an official announcement that the Find X5 Pro will be the world’s first to carry this chip, but it is now the end of February, although the Find X5 Pro Dimensity version has been released, but the listing time still has to wait until March, in fact, the market is very optimistic about this chip, the Snapdragon processor’s reputation and a year If MediaTek can bring a new flagship terminal in the month of the release of the Dimensity 9000, it should be able to fight with Snapdragon 8 Gen1 in the next few months, but the fact is that although the morning is early, it is late. Snapdragon 8 Gen1 even if the reputation is not as good as the Dimensity 9000, can still enter the uninhabited territory within 3 months. Can’t help but feel that it gives MediaTek the opportunity to be not used ah.

The author got this version is also still equipped with a new generation of Snapdragon 8 Gen1 processor, all aspects of quality are in line with the overall performance of Snapdragon 8 Gen1, there are no big ups and downs. The new generation of Snapdragon 8 Gen1 parameters and performance, the author sure we’ve all seen the bad, we still simple, directly on the score results.

After the AnTuTu V9 score test, the 12GB + 512GB top version of the Find X5 Pro in the author’s hands has a score of 1010277. The CPU score is 233,641, the GPU score is 443,346, and the storage test score is 66,066, of which the reading speed reaches 1724.3MB/s, the writing speed reaches 1332.9MB/s, and the AI score is 277,1458.

The Snapdragon 8 Gen1 processor on the Find X5 Pro has a normal performance in all aspects, and the game phone can run a few more tens of thousands of points, but this is not a big difference in terms of experience, after all, it is a fully configured.

To suppress the power consumption of Snapdragon 8 Gen1, OPPO also brought an excellent heat dissipation system to Find X5 Pro, using the combination of oversized VC and graphene film with ice skin heat dissipation case to bring heat dissipation protection from inside to outside, while the shell temperature fitting technology also makes the phone hot hands become a thing of the past, which has a relatively good performance in the 30 minutes of high-intensity gaming experience.

Gaming and Battery

After the author played “Peace Elite” for 30 minutes, the remaining battery power dropped from 76% to 67% at the beginning of the game, and the battery consumption of Find X5 Pro was 9%, but probably because the author got the model system, the game quality and frame rate can only be opened up to the highest smooth + limit, and can not open the 90 fps high frame rate game mode, so the power consumption of the game is naturally much lower (also open the system gaming mode + high refresh rate).

The reason why the author didn’t measure “Honor of Kings” is because this game doesn’t eat much performance, not to mention the current Snapdragon 8 Gen1 processor, even the previous generation of Snapdragon 888 can easily stabilize the frame, so it doesn’t make much sense to take the top flagship to measure it again, just remember the few words of the game experience: easy and stress-free.

Another game “Genshin Impact” test, after 30 minutes of game time, the picture quality all open to the highest and limit and 60Hz refresh rate, Find X5 Pro remaining power display from 26% fell to 7%, power consumption of 19%, for game testing, the industry’s top test “tool” is still “Genshin Impact”, look at the power consumption alone can have a general understanding.

The Find X5 Pro is not a gaming phone, but the gaming experience is still possible, but the system version of the machine belongs to the internal test version, may be different from the final mass production version, here only give the author’s use.

The heating situation of the game process is more ideal, the Find X5 Pro phone heating situation after 30 minutes of “Genshin Impact” is as follows.

Find X5 Pro play games very good point is its nano-microcrystalline ceramic rear shell, white version does not show fingerprints, and there is a certain sense of damping, even if the palm sweat can have non-slip, and also mentioned above that the ceramic heat dissipation is very fast, can also help the phone to dissipate part of the heat.

In terms of fast charging, the Find X5 Pro has a capacity of 5000mAh and supports 80W super flash and 50W wireless flash charging. Officially, the wired 80W flash charging can charge 100% of the battery in 35 minutes, and the 50W wireless flash charging can charge 100% of the battery in 47 minutes (using the official wireless fast charging).

From the official figures given in line with the situation, but the flash charging figures ran to 80W, the final results presented but still the original 65W fast charging time, it seems a little unsatisfactory, but on second thought, this may be because its battery capacity to 5000mAh, it is also acceptable.

In the actual charging test, the remaining battery power consumption was 1% to start charging, using the original 80W charger set that came in the box for charging, and it took a total of 35 minutes to fill the whole phone, which is exactly the same as the official data given.

The machine can be charged up to 41% in 10 minutes and 70% in 20 minutes, which is a good charging speed for a 5000mAh battery at the moment, but one of OPPO’s sub-brand, Realme, has given a preview of 160W fast charging, which is expected to debut in the new Realme phones.


The OPPO Find X5 Pro is the most controversial place in terms of appearance, is its irregular lens module, but an author’s opinion, such a design is good-looking, first of all, its lens bulge and the back shell is fully integrated, which fundamentally does not have a sense of the tear of the public phone, in addition, irregular seems to represent the OPPO dare to break the customary prominent self attitude, so from these two points of view, an author like the design.

Since the Find series was restarted by OPPO, it can be said to be a very comprehensive product in the industry, often the phone can highlight a certain point, such as performance, such as the screen, such as photography, but Find is the combination of those few, it used all those outstanding points combined into itself, and then to explore and discover the future, which is also in line with the name of Find.

This year’s Find X5 Pro brings the first self-researched chip in imaging, and also adds Hasselblad’s image tuning, with distinctive features; the exterior design is a matter of opinion, but the nano-microcrystalline ceramic feel is no one’s fault, it is still at the top of the industry, and the only one who can surpass him is still himself.

Note: This review was originally published on AnTuTu Benchmark by WANGLI and all media in this review belongs to the AnTuTu Benchmark.

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